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StratNovation Interventions

The Three Elements of a StratNovation Intervention

1. Adding Value


Our approach to the consulting interventions we initiate is to delve deeply into our clients’ organisations while soliciting their participation so that we understand their unique requirements. This enables us to deliver meaningful and innovative solutions to address their specific needs and expectations and to add tangible value.

2. Achieving Sustainable

Performance through 


As part of building the African economy, we take responsibility to ensure that our clients realise their sustainability goals, while at the same time ensuring that performing organisations across the continent contribute to unlocking Africa’s potential in the global economy.

3. Local Expertise and Experience

plus Global Partnerships

By nurturing our international partnerships we provide a unique blend of local knowledge and leading-edge thinking, enabling us to offer clients world-class specialised advisory services.

1. How StratNovation adds value to bolster corporate performance


We guide our clients to achieve improved levels of performance  by unlocking hidden value.
To fully grasp the needs of our clients, our approach to consulting is to actively and frequently engage with the project team in order to deliver measurable value. To ensure that thinking is aligned, we interface with client stakeholders to gain important insights, thereby achieving meaningful progress throughout the process.


We use our capabilities and competencies to bring innovative value propositions to our clients, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience gained over more than two decades in delivering over 700 engagements. We invite our clients to join us in spearheading innovation where we leverage our extensive knowledge and experience.
Fulfilling our role as trusted guides, our past clients value how our innovative thinking, pragmatic approaches and evidence-based solutions have yielded sustainable performance improvements that deliver tangible value.


StratNovation deploys knowledgeable professionals with a wealth of experience. Our professionals are passionate about improving enterprise performance and use new and innovative approaches customised to every client engagement. Our high caliber consultants are seasoned specialists who have in-depth industry and business knowledge. Our team is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

2. Ensuring Sustainable Organisations


We aim to assist organisations to achieve their sustainability goals during the course of all their business activities. We achieve this by creating and maintaining value through managed transformation processes.


Our team of experts guide our client organisations to achieve their sustainability goals in an appropriately transparent way. Achieving the balance between the responsible use of resources and the realisation of profits has become extremely important, especially in terms of environmental sustainability.


In considering sustainable development as an important thread within a strategy, we challenge our clients to be cognisant of the needs of future generations whilst undertaking their operations and processes responsibly.


With our guidance, the outcomes of pursuing and realising an organisations’ sustainability goals, as part of a robust strategic plan, needs to be comprehensively communicated to all stakeholders through comprehensive integrated reporting.

3. Economic Transformation through Empowerment


An organisation’s transformation at all levels is key to realising sustainability within the environment in which it operates.

StratNovation considers it to be our responsibility to help to facilitate the economic and social empowerment of organisations across Africa. We contribute to building sustainable business through strategic organisational transformation.


Our active participation in economic, technological and social development is core to our values. We uphold the development of relationships to facilitate empowerment. Strong relationships enable us to understand our clients and the communities in which they exist.


We have historically been proactive in our approach to broad-based empowerment and strictly adhere to the South African Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) credentials.


We are proud to be a Level 4 Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor.
View our South African B-BBEE certification


For south African Government contracts:
View our National Treasury Central Supplier Database [CSD] Certificate

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