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Strategic Project Management

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Project management has become a challenging area in organisations

with a need to deliver infrastructure on time and within budget.

The complexities of projects and the lack of specialist administrative and implementation expertise are often

some of the barriers to effective project management. When matters don’t go according to plan, it can become

a burden to and reflect negatively on the project management team, as well as result in stakeholder dissatisfaction.

Our ProjectPerform™ Project Management Advisory Services includes:

Project Management Office Establishment

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Programme Management Unit [PMU] Establishment

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Apart from managerial gaps in project management, many times there are challenges around flexibility.

Budgetary constraints and delayed decision making imply fewer resources. Faced with these challenges,

organisations across the globe seek expertise project management advice to help them excel in their core

areas of expertise, without being encumbered the managing of complex projects.


By assisting our clients from project strategy formulation to implementation and setting up

project management offices (PMOs), we assist organisations in delivering their core products and services,

timeously and effectively.

Our areas of expertise in programme and project management execution
and other specific projects undertaken:

Programme Management Unit Business Case

Programme Management Strategy Formulation

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