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Strategy Execution

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Everyone in an organisation needs to be able to articulate the organisation’s strategy and

be empowered to execute on it across organisational functions and in their designated roles.

Most organisations are adept at evaluating their current organisational environment and formulating strategies

to achieve their goals. However, what distinguishes high-performance organisations from others is how diligently they execute on each component of their strategy to achieve, not only their goals and short and medium-term objectives,

but how they can realise what they envisage their organisation to be in the future.

Our StratPerform™ Strategy Advisory Services include:

Corporate & Functional Strategy Formulation & Refinement

Strategic Performance Assessment (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Strategy Validation & Implementation Frameworks

Strategic Performance Reporting/Performance Dashboards

Business/Annual Planning & Strategic Budget Development

Business & Operating Model Development

StratPerform Case Insights

Corporate Strategy Development - ICT Listed Group

Global Market Strategy in the DTV Market

Globalisation of Multimedia STB

Strategy Development - Mine Safety Entity

Globalisation Strategy Case - Electronic Goods

Corporate Strategy for Technology Multimedia Telecommunications Group

The diligence required to practically manage, monitor and control the implementation of the strategy,

to realise sustainable performance, remains a significant challenge for numerous organisations.


Our professional consultants provide the necessary support to many organisations who operate in

diverse environments and geographies, and who face typical strategy implementation challenges.

We facilitate the formulation of explicitly measurable strategic plans for absolute pragmatic implementation.

This enables meaningful performance reporting that is supported by insightful data.


We offer practical support in terms of training and transferring knowledge to projects teams.

This enables organisations to operate independently once the initial consulting intervention is complete.

Our areas of expertise in strategy execution and other specific projects undertaken:

Merger, Acquisition & Consolidation Strategy Formulation

Operations Strategy / Supply Chain Strategy

Post-Merger / Acquisition Implementation

Innovation Strategy / Incubator Strategy

Strategic Budget Development

Marketing / Sales Strategy Development

Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plans [SDBIP]

Technology Strategy / Digital Disruption Strategy

Strategic Planning Mentoring and Training / Management Team-Building

Economic Development and Development Finance Institution [DFI] Strategy

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