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Ensuring our clients lead in their field

Thought Leadership

Each of our partners is a thought leader in his/her field of expertise. This enables us to bring global thinking and trends to our client engagements.


Additionally, to complement our expertise in southern Africa we are able to leverage sector and country experience, including thought leadership, through our network of local and international partnerships. With these proven partnerships in place, we can offer our clients world-class, specialized and differentiated services across a wide variety of organisational needs.


We have access to over 100 leading local and international professionals, enabling us to offer a range of consulting skills in delivering our services across a diverse range of industries. Each of our partners supplements our expert knowledge across the industries we serve. 

Our experts are thought leaders within the field of business science management

Remaining relevant in providing consulting support and advisory services is a key factor in our success.


Across all approaches and methodologies we utilise in our client interventions, not only do we keep abreast of the latest thinking through publications, but we also follow and participate in blogs on various topics with international subject experts.


We appraise our clients of relevant current information, data and insights related to projects on which we are working, in order to create awareness of market-place dynamics that would have an impact on the project outputs. In addition, we pursue the concept and principles of reciprocation marketing.


Our international associates regularly release Podcasts on a wide variety of topics are available on request.


Books published by the experts in our network, are also available:

  • Strategy Execution Fundamentals

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Reciprocation Marketing

  • Reputation Management

  • The Handbook on Human Capital Management

  • New Horizons of Business Process Outsourcing in Africa, Latin America & Caribbean.


Articles related to our interventions and those published by our local partners and associates, as well as through our international associates.

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