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Our Evolution

Helping organisations perform over the past 28 years

StratNovation, previously known as Access Market International and thereafter IsambuloAMI Consulting, was established in South Africa in 1987.


We are a niche strategic services advisory firm that continuously innovates to build new knowledge to enable us to share thought leadership with our clients. As a trusted and respected advisory and research partner, we provide strategic consulting and research services to boards, executives and management teams across Africa.


Since our founding in 1987, we commenced trading independently as Access Market International (known extensively as “AMI”). In 1994, we began to apply a holistic evidence-based approach in providing consulting and research services. In so doing we have successfully delivered over 700 projects and provided strategic consulting, for both the private and public sector clients, over the past 30 years.


Our clients span local and multinational firms to state-owned enterprises and public entities. We help management teams deliver sustainable economic and social value through effective strategy formulation, implementation and monitoring to realise improved performance.


We understand that management teams, organisations and industries face different challenges which cannot always be resolved timeously by expertise from within. As such, we bring innovative solutions to the table that are carefully crafted to suit a client’s requirements. All our engagements comprise a set of unique but manageable steps to address specific client situations. This ensures that the benefits are quantified, realised and sustained.

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