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Client Case Insights

Selected StratNovation Interventions

StratPerform™ Case Insights

Corporate Strategy Development - ICT Listed Group

Global Market Strategy in the DTV Market

Globalisation of Multimedia STB

Strategy Development - Mine Safety Entity

Globalisation Strategy Case - Electronic Goods

Corporate Strategy for Technology Multimedia Telecommunications Group

 BoardPerform™ Case Insights

Board Appraisal Case Property Development Organisation

Board Appraisal Case - Mining Industry Entity

 OrgPerform™ Case Insights

Business Improvement Case Metro Roads & Stormwater

Merger of a Gambling Board with Liquor Authority Merger

 KnowledgePerform™ Case Insights

Consumer Behavioral Segmentation Research-Telecomms

Reputation Assessment - ICT Services Company

Market Entry - Plastics Laser Cutter Innovator

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