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Board Governance

Organisation Sustainability Advisory

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High-performing boards need to be strategically focused, engaged and agile in their oversight role to drive

and influence performance to achieve success in organisations for which they are responsible.

Significantly more emphasis continues to be placed on effective good corporate governance, driven by a number of internationally recognised Governance Codes of Practice. One such example is the world-renowned and widely utilised codes being the King IV Governance Code from South Africa. This code continues to gain importance as organisations face raised expectations to become sustainable, comply to ethics codes, effectively manage risk and contend with increased regulatory scrutiny. This has placed boards under scrutiny as expectations are raised for board members,

who are required to provide strong leadership and guide organisations to become sustainable.

Our BoardPerform™ Board Advisory Services include:

Board Report Streamlining

Board Effectiveness & Compliance Assessments

Board Composition, Role Clarification & Conflict Resolution

Board Governance Assessments

Board Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment

Board Strategic Priorities Formulation

BoardPerform Case Insights

Board Appraisal Case Property Development Organisation

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Board Appraisal Case - Mining Industry Entity

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Board directors and company executives often struggle to balance their multiple responsibilities and to maintain effectiveness and act professionally. They seek a more strategic approach in fulfilling their responsibilities

and look to better align corporate performance and governance.


Our integrated approach to providing Board Governance and Sustainability advisory services,

based on our deep understanding of corporate strategy and the effective implementation thereof,

enables us to guide boards to become highly effective through streamlined governance processes,

ensuring effective boards and balanced board dynamics.

Our areas of expertise in board governance and other specific projects undertaken:

Non-Executive Director / CEO Performance Contracting

Board Charters & Codes of Conduct

Board Inductions

Information Technology Governance

Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment

Compliance Assessment

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