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Public Sector Entities

Industries that we understand and have worked in extensively

Government and Public Sectors

Government and Public Sector Entities


Strident progress has been made to the general socio-economic welfare of millions of

South Africans over the last 20 years. Improved access to public services such as education, health care, housing and electricity has occurred, albeit at a slower rate than anticipated.

Many challenges such as falling commodity prices, lack of efficient supply,

external markets and increased demand have beset the public sector.


Many new programmes intended to spur growth and development have been implemented

or are in the pipeline. Examples of some of these are the introduction of a national minimum wage,

which is intended to reduce poverty and inequalities; installation of vocational systems to address skills shortages to help with the unemployment situation; further investment in infrastructure and education

to boost economic growth; and effective government spending and good corporate governance of

state-owned enterprises required to ensure better delivery of services.


Some other initiatives are to foster more start-up businesses and SME growth, together with better coordinated government programmes to boost entrepreneurs and the youth, especially encompassing

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) policies. These are common challenges

across Africa and are faced in almost all Africa countries.


Health care, sanitation and eradication of disease also present challenges for green growth,

but with improved infrastructure and refined policies (such as those aligned with global climate change policies) much can be achieved as the global environment changes.


We have advised at national, provincial and local government levels (including public sector implementation agencies) on how best to improve services through the development of effective strategic plans, implementation plans and service delivery models. The proper management and expenditure

of public funds in relation to delivering services has also been our focus.


We have delivered over 150 public sector assignments, having advised national, provincial,

local government and public-sector agencies on addressing strategy, processes and

resourcing towards achieving their mandates through effective delivery models through sound management and prudent expenditure of public funds in relation to service delivery.


Projects we have undertaken include:

  • Business process re-engineering of a national government department as well public entities

  • Performance-expenditure review to enable improved budgeting and aligned service delivery

  • Developing numerous strategic plans, implementation plans and modelled and developed budgets

  • Delivering bench-marked service delivery across many modalities for best proactive adoption and

  • Board appraisals within public entities


StratNovation specialises in economic development and opportunity assessments for potential investors,

and have / s worked for many development agencies and development finance institutions.

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