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Strategy Executed - Performance Realised

StratNovation is a niche based strategic services advisory firm that continuously innovates to build new knowledge enabling us to share thought leadership with our clients.


As a trusted and respected advisory and research partner over the past 26 years, we provide strategic management consulting and research services to boards, executives and management teams across Africa.

An insight into our DNA...

We believe in the power of music in orchestrating unity and passion to deliver performance, we believe in climbing mountains, marvelling at the view, we believe in laughter and the camaraderie over a good meal, we believe in solitude and reflection during recreation and sport. We believe in exploration and adventure. We believe in challenge and change to make it happen. We believe in achieving performance to grow, no matter what the quest.

  • We simplify complexities to find doable solutions.

  • We empathise with struggle and difficulties to share in the delights of ultimate success.

  • We are mentors, measure to gauge and provide solutions to improve.

  • We journey through problems and challenges and go the extra mile with you.

  • We use our experience and collective energy to realise dreams.

  • We define the detail in order to paint the big picture.

  • We pay utmost attention to you, our client, as it is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

  • We laugh and enjoy ourselves, but take our work seriously.

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