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Industries that we understand and have worked in extensively

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How well are you managing the impact of the industry and sector dynamics that impact your organisation’s performance? Are you utilising clear planning assumptions to plan for delivering realistic revenue streams for demand sectors?


Nothing substitutes first hand, in-depth industry knowledge in being able to plan

prudently and mitigate the influences of numerous industry and sector dynamics.

Our team of professional consultants draws on years of direct industry experience in

interpreting industry and sector dynamics, and translating them into planning assumptions.

Agreed planning assumptions must be pragmatically considered in the planning processes,

as well as the resultant impact on the achievement of desired levels of performance. 

Resources & Manufacturing

Energy, Gas, Water & Petroleum

Information Technology & Telecommunication

Transport & Logistics

Commercial & Development Finance

Training & Education

Government & Public Sector Entities

In order to succeed in industries that are being targeted, organisations need to

continuously stay abreast of the dynamics within those sectors.

These include:

  • Political involvement and influence.

  • Economic trends and competitive dynamics.

  • Social factors impacting the industry.

  • Technological advances.

  • Environmental challenges and pressures, including sustainability.

  • Legislative and regulatory changes.


Don’t let your organization's limited industry and sector knowledge manifest

in poor performance and unintended consequences in your operations.


Our experience across various industries enables us to offer tailored performance enhancement

solutions supported by interpreted industry dynamics that are specific to each client’s situation,

enabling them to best manage industry and sector impacts on product and service delivery.

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