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Education & Training

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Education and Training


Problems associated with unemployment and a lack of skills and quality education are often blamed

on the educational system, which has limped along without any substantial progress over the past years

in South Africa and other African countries.


Although some progress has been made in this sector in South Africa, rising fees and increasing

inaccessibility by qualified learners to tertiary education has resulted in protests.


The government is currently focusing on tertiary education and the establishment of funds and policies to

benefit and fund poor students through grants and scholarships. Raising tertiary education and making

it more accessible to students will result in increased levels of competition amongst businesses,

stimulate entrepreneurial ventures and assist with the growth of businesses and creation of jobs.

This will help to curb the high unemployment rate, increase opportunities for tax income and

generally raise the standard of living of many South Africans.


Poverty and the inability to access finance are not the only reasons as to why

higher education has been stunted.

This is to be addressed through free education for first year education for learners who qualify for tertiary institution entrance requirements. Poor performance of primary and secondary schools, as well as high drop-out rates, results in fewer candidates being accepted into tertiary education. There is a dire need to raise quality education at the primary school and secondary school levels. Suggestions have been made to expand the Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Development Initiative Programme, which aims to improve delivery of learning materials, especially in the most needy of circumstances. More leadership, training and support needs to be provided, whilst demanding accountability from teachers and school principals.

The profile of teachers and education needs to be elevated to ensure an acceptable level of professionalism.


Building better education systems to best serve learners and educators, whilst meeting the needs of all shareholders in an education system, is vitally important to South Africa and its communities.

We share our knowledge and experience through training which forms an important

part of each engagement we deliver.


Training has formed an important part of all our engagements, where we intentionally transfer skills,

knowledge and experience to the people we engaged with, in a quest to build capacity

and the human capital skills pool.


Building appropriate education systems to best serve learners and educators whilst meeting the needs of all support shareholders in the education system is vitally important. To this end, we channel our educational expertise to align with market needs, to deliver solutions that address the most pressing challenges in society.


Our experience and viewpoint in the education and training sector and how

we can guide to achieve increased performance.


Projects we have undertaken include:

  • Developing educational institutions’ strategic plans at tertiary institution levels

  • Developing affordable schooling models and tested their financial viability prior to programme managing the roll-out of these models

  • Providing skills development in industries such as ICT, especially for woman development, and delivered sector skill demand assessments and

  • Being actively involved in mentoring SME start-ups in incubators and designed internship programmes

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