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Organisational Performance Improvement

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The complex environments in which organisations have to operate have

never faced a bigger challenge in realising year-on-year growth.

Organisations in the private sector are being forced to optimize resources to drive efficiencies,

with a need to differentiate and innovate products and services to secure market share

by delivering client-perceived value. The public sector, on the other hand, is faced with budget cuts

and intense scrutiny on their ability to improve service delivery performance,

ensuring clients experience value in the services delivered.

Our OrgPerform™ Organisational Performance Improvement Services

Organisation  Turnaround/Stabilisation

Organisation Design, Structuring & Realignment

Financial Systems Performance Improvement

Change Leadership & Management

Performance Expenditure Reviews [PER]/Financial Models

Human Capital/People Management,
Development & Motivation

Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain [SCM] Optimisation

Performance/Profitability Improvement

Business Valuations

Strategic Business Intelligence

OrgPerform Case Insights

Business Improvement Case Metro Roads & Stormwater

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Merger of a Gambling Board with a Liquor Authority Merger

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In order for organisations to respond to these challenges and achieve rapid and sustainable results, it is

imperative that they continuously innovative to use new approaches to improve their organizational performance.


Over the past 25 years, we have assisted our clients to deliver

measurable performance improvements within their organisations.

In some cases these improvements have been short, focused interventions, whilst in others have been comprehensive turnaround programmes across the areas of marketing and sales, finance, human resource management,

product manufacturing and service delivery operations through to supply chain management.


We inspire performance improvement by seeking out new revenue growth opportunities, aligning financial and human resources, optimising technology enabled business processes and building organizational culture

to achieve economic and social value.


Through the use of robust measures to manage and track each improvement across all

organizational functions, we provide advice and support to enable our clients to drive efficiency and effectiveness,

so as to realise sustainable improvements in performance.

Our areas of expertise in Organisational Performance Improvement
and other specific projects undertaken:

Business Process Mapping / Business Process Re-Engineering

Human Capital Selection & Migration

Technology Assessment and Optimisation

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Tariff Modelling and Determinations

Sustainability Modelling

Value-Based Management

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