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Our Team Expertise

Manufacturing, Water, Energy, Telecomms, Government & Public Entities

Governance, Strategic Planning & 

Implementation, Organisational Structuring, Performance Improvement & 

Organisational Structuring



Cape Town

Robert Mulder

Training & Education,

Financial Services

Leadership Development,

Market Innovation,



Dr. Nik Eberl

Government &

Public Entities

Strategic Planning

& Implementation




Dean Padayachee

Agricultural & Mineral

Resources, NGO's

Strategic Planning, Fund

Raising, Financial Modelling


Eastern Cape & SADEC

Dr. Lawrence Gadzikwa

Financial Services, Government, Retail, Media

Reputation Management,

Change Management

& Communication

Cape Town, SADEC

& East Africa

Regine le Roux





Our team of experts to guide you to realising performance:

Robert Mulder Profile picture
Robert Mulder
Managing Partner

Principal Consultant – Board Governance, Strategy & Organisational Performance

Rob has 20 years consulting experience, both internally, within industrial and commercial organisations, and externally across a wide range of economic sectors.  His areas of expertise are board governance, strategy development and the realisation thereof to achieve performance, through effective measurement mechanisms and validation through research. He has facilitated corporate, business and functional level strategies in numerous organisations at both board and executive management levels.


Rob values in-depth analysis as a critical component of strategy development and effective and transparent reporting. He has strong international ties and has worked with international teams on Balanced Scorecard implementations.


Rob’s current interests are in governance and enhancing board effectiveness.


Rob has a BSc degree in Biosciences and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership.

Dr. Eberl Profile picture
Dr. Nikolaus Eberl   Associate Partner

Principal – Innovation, Leadership & Brand-marketing expert

As a lecturer, Dr. Nik has conducted extensive research on the leadership legacy of the famous Zulu King Shaka. As a result, he authored “The Seven Secrets of IziCwe: Conquer Life!”, a uniquely South African business and life skills innovation programme.


The sequel, “The IziCwe Code: Innovate or Die!”, featuring the innovation strategies of Emperor Shaka) was introduced to help organisations disrupt their market through innovative strategies and interventions.


Dr. Nik is also an expert in applying the ideas management strategies of Emperor Shaka in organisational improvement and organisational turnarounds. He works in quality assurance and customer service and has developed and utilises motivational intelligence techniques to transform management teams through strategic management and planning workshops into effective and productive employees.


Dr. Nik has a PhD (Classics) and an IR Diploma.

a Blank profile picture
Dean Padayachee
Associate Partner

Managing Consultant – General Consulting ex Navigant MD

Dean Padayachee is a lateral and innovative thinker who is able to distil logical business solutions from complex situations. His experience includes knowledge of business strategy, risk management, trade in African countries and the provision of holistic cross-functional management solutions. He is skilled at providing strategic direction, conceptual models and implementation directed at improving operations and service delivery models.


Dean has developed excellent client relationships and communication skills that ensure client satisfaction. Dean has worked on large successful performance improvement projects in the public sector and has facilitated numerous workshops, whilst delivering multi-workstream projects.


Dean has a BSc, Electrical Engineering, from the University of Natal, 1999 and a Master’s in Business Administration, University of Natal, 2003.

A Blank profile picture
Dr. Lawrence Gadzikwa
Associate Partner

Managing Consultant – Agricultural Economist & General Strategy Consulting / General Consulting Resource

Lawrence has more than 18 years experience as a seasoned management consultant where his business development, turnaround strategy development and execution, economic development, agricultural and agribusiness consulting, research and training and project management skills have been honed. Lawrence is a strategic thinker with a unique ability to handle complex issues at any level within an organisation and where he has delivered practical and relevant outcomes to clients in various fields.


Lawrence has worked across a variety of private and public sector clients; he is also a non-executive board member of the Institute of Business Advisors of South Africa (IBASA) and the Global Jewellery Academy.


Lawrence has a PhD from the University of KwaZulu Natal, an MSc in Agricultural Economics as well as a CIS from the University of Zimbabwe.

a Blank profile picture
Mehleli Mpofu
Associate Partner

Managing Consultant – Public Sector Expert / General Consulting Resource

Mehleli has 17 years experience in strategy, performance improvement and economic development consulting. His areas of specialisation include business and economic development strategy formulation, business and operating model design, strategic cost analysis and management, business case development and financial modelling.


Mehleli has undertaken pre-divesture feasibility studies for local and international manufacturing businesses and developed business and operating models in the logistics sector and in public entities.  He has worked on market entry assignments guiding the consideration of market entry options along with the validation of business cases.


Mehleli is an expert in the public sector, providing support on public expenditure and policy analysis. In addition to costing policy decisions, he also advises on the different funding mechanisms for different government initiatives.


Mehleli has an MBA (University of Cape Town) 2003 and a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance. (Association of Chartered Accountants) 2001 M. Eng. (University of Oxford) 1998.

Regine le Roux Profile picture
Regine le Roux
Associate Partner

Principal – Reputation / Stakeholder Management / Research Expert

Regine is a corporate reputation specialist. She has significant experience in developing communication, change and marketing strategies compiled for clients in both the private and public domains. She has built extensive experience in  government, human resources, information communication technology (ICT), manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. These businesses encompass parastatals, multinational companies; JSE listed companies, as well as privately owned companies.


Regine has managed several reputation and brand-orientated research projects. She became proficient in management consulting and worked in change and communication engagements within the government and parastatal sectors. Regine’s expertise lies in communication management where her focus is on corporate reputation across private and public sector organisations in South Africa, regionally and internationally. 


Regine has an M.Com. (Communication Management)-University of Pretoria 2003.

Diederik Jordaan Profile picture
Diederik Jordaan
Associate Partner

Managing Consultant - Information & Communication Technology Strategy and Performance Software Applications

Diederik has 30 years experience in Financial, Information and Communication Technology Strategy and Solutions consulting and management. His areas of specialisation include, Information and Communication Technology Solutions delivery, Financial and IT Systems, Business analysis and design, Procurement Systems design and modelling with specific focus on the Hospitality Industry.


Diederik has been involved in various ICT projects worldwide, comprising government institutions, information communication technology for Transport, Procurement and Retail Sectors. These businesses encompass parastatals, multinational companies; JSE listed companies as well as privately owned companies.


Diederik has a BCompt Accounting from Unisa and 5 years articles is also a NCC certified Systems Analyst.

He also holds a certificate for Project management from Xpert Project Management Services.

In each of our proposals where we explain how we can help you, we use an EXPERT PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT, supported by a SELECTED team of COMPETENT and EXPERIENCED support consultants to deliver the required value.

Governing our business

Our Board

Managing Partner and Executive Chairman – Robert Mulder BSc MBL

Non- Executive Director – Vacant

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