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Transport & Logistics

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Transport and Logistics


Although South Africa has the best and the farthest-reaching transport network in Africa,

there is scope for improvement domestically, both in road and rail network infrastructural upgrades. Underinvestment and lack of infrastructure maintenance has resulted in the enormous

challenge of upgrading ageing rail, road as well as port development.


South Africa is in the process of revitalizing its transportation infrastructure, amid years of neglect

and bad supply chain practices. Tariffs play an important role in the sector to effectively recover the cost base,

as do Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) for leveraging expertise and technology in the sector.

Numerous build-own-transfer projects are being pursued across the African continent.


It is envisaged that South Africa can still become the transport hub, not only for southern Africa,

but for the rest of the African continent. Due to the availability of natural resources such as oil, gas,

minerals and expanding agricultural opportunities across Africa, there is an enormous opportunity for manufacturing and retail growth, especially as part of the globalization paradigm.


Parallel to this, an opportunity exists for logistics strategists to consider the African market in the future,

as there is a need for better transport infrastructure and more connectivity across borders.

This should be underpinned by long term transportation strategy development, which will enable an

improved business environment and ultimately progression in terms of social and economic development.


The sector is also a large employer of manpower and presents significant opportunities

for employment across the value chains of various transportation modes.


Our experience in providing planning support in the aviation and maritime sector,

as well as in road transportation, has enabled our clients to improve the delivery of

these services and plan to cater for future needs.


Projects we have undertaken include:

  • Maritime and aviation safety entity strategy development including

monitoring and evaluation and function establishment;

  • Aviation operational efficiency / turnaround diagnostic including financial modelling 

and tariff framework development;

  • Revenue, expenditure and performance reviews in transport entities.

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