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  • Strategy | StratNovation

    Smart PMS Performance Management Solutions Project Management Delivering client projects on time, to budget and to customer quality expectations. Making Boards More Effective Better Organisational Governance and Improved Board Effectiveness. Strategy Execution Shaping strategy to enable your vision. Performance Realisation Organisation-Wide Solutions For Measured and Sustainable Performance. Strategic Research Enabling Evidence-Based Business Decisions Based On Insightful Analysis. Frontier Innovation Innovation Management Solutions OUR SERVICES With the knowledge, experience and skills of our professional and expert teams, we instill thought leadership across our portfolio: Strat Perform ™ Everyone in an organisation needs to be able to articulate the organisation’s strategy and be empowered to execute on it across organisational functions and in their designated roles. Read more Board Perform ™ High-performing boards need to be strategically focused, engaged and agile in their oversight role to drive and influence performance to achieve success in organisations for which they are responsible. Read more Org Perform ™ The complex environments in which organisations have to operate have never faced a bigger challenge in realising year-on-year growth. Read more Knowledge Perform ™ Gaining analytically-grounded insights for robust strategic planning and informed decision-making. Read more Project Perform ™ Project management has become a challenging area in organisations with a need to deliver infrastructure on time and within budget. Read more The Strat Novation process … Delivering value-enhancing consulting services ethically and honestly, through our passion in guiding our clients by transferring knowledge around the latest developments in business science. Nurturing businesses to perform – from boards to management across the science of governance, strategy and strategic research. Our process guides the execution of your strategy to enable your organization to realise sustainable performance , in line with how you envisage your organisation’s future growth. The Strat Novation process… coupling two critical and dependent cycles to achieve sustainable performance for your organization . Industries We Understand How well are you managing the impact of the industry and sector dynamics that impact your organisation’s performance? Are you utilising clear planning assumptions to plan for delivering realistic revenue streams for demand sectors? ​ Nothing substitutes first hand, in-depth industry knowledge in being able to plan prudently and mitigate the influences of numerous industry and sector dynamics. Resources & Manufacturing Energy, Water, Gas & Petroleum Information Technology & Telecommunications Transport & Logistics Financial Services Education & Training Government & Public Sector Entities BACK TO TOP

  • Commercial & Development Finance | StratNovation

    Financial Services Industries that we understand and have worked in extensively Commercial and Development Finance South Africa has a large and sophisticated financial sector comprising banks and other financial institutions, viz. insurance, fund managers, audit and compliance. The fixed income market is well developed. With a wide range of government securities available to investors, these are regularly traded in primary markets. Although good progress has been made in the country’s Banking sector, there are still significant challenges to be addressed, such as the wide gap existing between salaried and non-salaried citizens opening bank accounts, low lending to SMEs and a shortage of savings and insurance products. The provision of housing finance has expanded, although there is still a large demand for housing and prices remain high. Insurance companies are also major players in the financial sector. A close relationship exists with other government departments and as such, financial transformation is ongoing: economic transformation, de-racialization and reduction of inequality being some of the objectives. The government’s aim of attaining mass-based sustainable transformation in the social and economic spheres can only be achieved through access to finance and financial services, across the continent. Good governance of funds and strong government regulation needs to be perpetuated. For meaningful transformation to occur, a substantially higher savings rate needs to be achieved. The financial Industry is increasingly complex and aside from the domestic issues, challenges such as globalization, technological transformation, regulatory changes and risk management issues across borders are in flux. A solid financial services industry, coupled with a sound banking system, has contributed much towards this end and has facilitated sustainable Foreign Direct Investment inflows for decades, if not centuries. We understand the importance of business intelligence in building organization strategies in delivering performance in financial, commercial services and business services delivery. Using data to shape an organisation’s strategy to enable proactive decision-making to best position organisations is key. Over the past two decades, our contribution to this industry has been supporting numerous development finance initiatives through technical assistance and management advisory consulting. Projects we have undertaken include: ​ Financial market segments buyer behavior research and organizational competitive positioning Financial strategy development and monitoring and evaluation processes Performance dashboards, performance appraisal modelling Business case development Business Intelligence for proactive financial decision making Business process optimization Financial systems technology assessments BACK TO TOP

  • Our DNA | StratNovation

    Our DNA Strategy Executed - Performance Realised Strat Novation is a niche based strategic services advisory firm that continuously innovates to build new knowledge enabling us to share thought leadership with our clients. As a trusted and respected advisory and research partner over the past 26 years, we provide strategic management consulting and research services to boards, executives and management teams across Africa. An insight into our DNA... We believe in the power of music in orchestrating unity and passion to deliver performance, we believe in climbing mountains, marvelling at the view, we believe in laughter and the camaraderie over a good meal, we believe in solitude and reflection during recreation and sport. We believe in exploration and adventure. We believe in challenge and change to make it happen. We believe in achieving performance to grow, no matter what the quest. ​ ​ We simplify complexities to find doable solutions. We empathise with struggle and difficulties to share in the delights of ultimate success. We are mentors, measure to gauge and provide solutions to improve. We journey through problems and challenges and go the extra mile with you. We use our experience and collective energy to realise dreams. We define the detail in order to paint the big picture. We pay utmost attention to you, our client, as it is the rarest and purest form of generosity. We laugh and enjoy ourselves, but take our work seriously. Call Us Email Us BACK TO TOP

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