Strategic Research

Gaining analytically-grounded insights for robust strategic planning and informed decision-making.

Stable and predictable markets are a relic of the past. To navigate the complexity and dynamic nature of market environments, it is imperative for management teams to pay detailed attention to external market developments. It is also important for them to address internal activities within their organisation’s functions to ensure that their response is adequate and appropriate. In such a dynamic business landscape, where the time horizon for strategic decision making is narrowing, organisations are required to proactively use market, competitor and business intelligence to constantly innovate to remain relevant and competitive.

Our KnowledgePerform™ core strategic research services includes:

Industry and Sector Research

Supply Chain Research

 Market Entry Research

Organisation Reputation Research

 Market Penetration Research

Customer / Stakeholder Satisfaction Research

KnowlegdePerform Client Insights

Through our diligent approach to conducting research, we assist our clients to formulate strategic responses for use in evidence-based planning. We present robust data analysis through insightful synthesis; offering strategic guidance and recommendations. Through our organisational and market research methods, we add value to our clients by defining quantifiable and realisable revenue growth opportunities, providing evidence-based strategic target validation. In all areas of our research, the outputs enable strategic decision making and dictate the formulation of policy.

Our analytical and interpretive skills have firmly positioned us as reputable researchers that provide unique insights to enable pragmatic responses for incorporation in strategic plan formulation and informed decision making.

Other areas of strategic research expertise and other assignments undertaken:

Science, Engineering, Technology [SET] Policy Research

Competitor Research / Competitor Assessments

Employee Satisfaction Research

Technology assessment, selection & optimisation

Organisation Culture Surveys

Technology Audits / Total Cost of Ownership Assessments